Lost Performative


Value Judgement – person doing the judging is deleted
Ex: It’s bad to be inconsistent

Challenge: (Gather evidence)
Who says it’s bad?
According to whom?
How do you know its bad?

Recover source of belief,
Recover the source

More examples of Lost Performative:

It makes me happy.
It’s good to wake up early
Those clothing are so out of fashion
things always workout in the end


Mind Read

Mind Reading: In this case, the speaker claims to know what another person believes, feels, or thinks. Presuming one knows the thoughts, feelings, intentions, motivations, or other internal processes of another person. It is base on intuition or guesswork with no basis in reasonable, logical grounds for interpretation or directly sensory observation.

Jump to Conclusions

Mind reading is assuming you know what the other person is thinking or feeling without checking. This pattern causes a great deal of interpersonal difficulties and is another of the important Meta model problem solving strategies.

Most of us at some time attribute intention to other people’s behaviors or absence of behavior. We think we know that someone is interested in us, doesn’t like us or is trying to hurt us.

We are masterful at taking a small cue such as a raised eyebrow, a lack of eye contact or a failure to do something we expected and believing we know what it means. We all jump to conclusions about other people’s behaviors at some time. We usually judge other’s behavior by the effect on us, and judge our own behavior by our intentions.

We also expect other people to be able to read our minds. We think someone should know we are pleased or annoyed with him or her. We expect others to realize we are overwhelmed, open to suggestion or distracted.


I know you don’t want to come

The boss doesn’t think I am management material

I am sorry to bore you with my story.

you always feel the same way about that

I know you are curious

You do not like me


Challenge for the Mind Read:
How do you know that I do not like you?
How do you know that I do not want to come?
How do you know that your boss thinks you are not the management material?


Recover the source of information.


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